• Is My Countertop Quartzite or Marble?

    Quartzite will not etch or scratch. If you have quartzite that is etched and scratched, it may actually be marble. This article explains the difference...

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  • Top 10 Causes of Grout Turning Yellow

    Home and business owners and property managers have a common complaint about grout turning yellow. Read this article to learn about possible causes and solutions....

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  • Graffiti Removal

    Removing graffiti on stone, tile, brick, or masonry? Put the pressure washer away. It can be problematic and/or ineffective. Read this article for guidance....

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Portfolio Category: Natural Stone

40-Year-Old Slate Facelift


Located in a home in Point Loma, CA, this 40-year-old slate floor was damaged from hard water. In addition, the wrong sealer had been applied, turning the slate white in...
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Vanity & Tub Deck Restored

This particular marble stains very easily and is one of the most difficult to polish. Learn how our technicians have the knowledge and skills to achieve dramatic results on even...
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