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Travertine after service image

Travertine With Granite Inlays

This travertine floor with granite insets had dirty spots, scratches, and an overall dull appearance.

Travertine Table

Travertine Table Before & After

This travertine dining room table was used frequently over the years. There was a lot of...


Tile Countertop Grout Color Sealed

We gave this kitchen countertop a brand new look with cleaning and grout color sealing services.

After tile countetop restoration

Tile Countertop Color Sealed

Despite regular wiping and scrubbing, the homeowner had trouble keeping the grout lines clean. A food...


Travertine Cleaned and Sealed

Mold, Mildew, and Etching on Travertine Homeowners in Encinitas contacted us saying their travertine bathroom was...

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