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The Stone and Tile Restoration Experts

We are natural stone and tile care specialists! Count on our expertise to restore and protect your floors, countertops, and more.

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Cleaning & Polishing

We can eliminate the continuous cycle of stripping and waxing and make your terrazzo floors look great.

What We Do | Tile & Grout Services


Cleaning and Sealing

We can make your tile and grout look as good as new and make it easy for you to keep it looking that way.

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Natural Stone

We are natural stone care experts. We know how to restore the elegance to your stone surfaces and keep them looking great.

Tile and Grout

From deep cleaning, to color sealing your grout lines, we know what it takes to make your tile and grout look as good as new.


Our natural polishing process eliminates the need to continually strip off old wax finishes and can actually reduce maintenance costs.


Fair pricing for quality work!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to reach out to us with your questions.

There is no dust created during the restoration process, because we use diamond abrasives and water.

Most of the time when a customer asks us why their countertop is not shiny anymore, it turns out that some sort of film is sitting on the surface. This can be a result of sealer that was not properly applied, when one does not use the proper cleanser, or when they clean their granite surface with water and dish soap. (This will eventually lead to soap film build up.) Give us a call. We can provide solutions for you.

These are likely not water spots, but an etch mark in the surface of the stone. This is what happens when an acidic substance comes in contact with any calcium based stone. To get rid of the etch marks, the stone will need to be polished out, much like a gemstone would have to be if it were scratched.

The #1 culprit of damage to floors is dirt, (grit, sand & dust). The best treatment for your floor is a dry, untreated microfiber dust mop or vacuum, used every day when possible. For homes, damp mopping is recommended on a weekly basis and whenever there are visible spills. For commercial and high traffic floors, daily damp mopping is recommended. For all natural stone, use only stone safe cleaners. Ask us for recommendations, and if you have not already done so, be sure to download our Stone and Tile Care Guide.



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