• Staining vs Etching

    Two very common discolorations that can happen to natural stone are staining and etching. They are two completely different things, and the restoration processes for...

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  • What gives granite its shine?

    The mineral mica is found in granite. It is one of the things that gives granite a shimmery shine. Here are a few things you...

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  • Are Natural Stone Floors Slippery?

    This article clears away misconceptions about the slipperiness of natural stone and provides suggestions regarding both new and existing installations....

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Portfolio (Case Studies)

Portfolio (Case Studies) / Excel Stone and Tile Care / San Diego CA

  • Brand New Look for 20-Year-Old Marble

    Brand New Look for 20-Year-Old Marble

    This marble floor in Rancho Santa Fe had chemical damage. Our four-step process restored the glossy finish....


  • Etched, Dull Marble Vanity Refinished

    Etched, Dull Marble Vanity Refinished

    We gave this etched, dull marble vanity top a finish that looks brand new, even after 20 years of neglect!...


  • Marble Floor Traffic Patterns Erased

    Marble Floor Traffic Patterns Erased

    This hallway was showing signs of wear and dullness. We honed and polished to restore the shine....


  • High Traffic Kitchen Marble Refinished

    High Traffic Kitchen Marble Refinished

    This kitchen marble floor was in poor condition. Our honing and polishing services restored the glossy finish....


  • Naturally Polished Marble and Granite

    Naturally Polished Marble and Granite

    No more ugly wax coatings! We stripped, refinished, and sealed this marble and granite floor....


  • Tile Countertop Grout Color Sealed

    Tile Countertop Grout Color Sealed

    We gave this kitchen countertop a brand new look with cleaning and grout color sealing services....


  • Exterior Slate Rejuventated

    Exterior Slate Rejuventated

    This multicolored slate patio was exposed to moisture and the elements. Learn how we rejuvenated and protected it....


  • Anti-Slip Travertine Entry

    Anti-Slip Travertine Entry

    The travertine entrance to a commercial building located in San Marcos, CA had stains from hard water mineral deposits and...


  • 40-Year-Old Slate Facelift

    40-Year-Old Slate Facelift

    Problem Located in a home in Point Loma, CA, this 40-year-old slate floor was damaged from hard water. In addition,...


  • Vanity & Tub Deck Restored

    Vanity & Tub Deck Restored

    This particular marble stains very easily and is one of the most difficult to polish. Learn how our technicians have...


  • Perfect Velvety Floor Finish

    Perfect Velvety Floor Finish

    Find out how we were able to customize the finish of this travertine floor according to the exact specifications our...


  • No More Dirt Magnet Floor

    No More Dirt Magnet Floor

    Our technicians recognized the problem with this floor right away. Read more to find out how they resolved...


  • Veterans Memorial Wall Restored

    Veterans Memorial Wall Restored

    The Veterans Memorial Wall is located at Helen Bougher Park in San Marcos, CA needed to be cleaned and sealed...


  • Marble Floor Refinished

    Marble Floor Refinished

    This marble floor had a lot of lippage (uneven tiles) and was scratched and showing wear from 25 years of...


  • Travertine With Granite Inlays

    Travertine With Granite Inlays

    This travertine floor with granite insets had dirty spots, scratches, and an overall dull appearance. ...


  • Slate Entry Rejuvenated

    Slate Entry Rejuvenated

    The slate in this high-traffic entrance was faded, flaking, and powdering, and our client felt overwhelmed with the prospect of...


  • Italian Limestone Restored

    Italian Limestone Restored

    Our client had these gorgeous, custom-made Italian Limestone tiles. Over the years they had become dull from normal wear...


  • Courtyard Hardscape

    Courtyard Hardscape

    This brick-bordered courtyard had lost its appeal over the years from a combination of exposure to the elements...


  • Saltillo Problem Resolved

    Saltillo Problem Resolved

    The sealer had turned white under the area rugs that the previous homeowner had put down...


  • 30-Year-Old Saltillo Refreshed

    30-Year-Old Saltillo Refreshed

    Many layers of wax and sealer had built up over the ten years since this entrance was last professionally serviced...


  • Onyx Countertops Polished

    Onyx Countertops Polished

    This onyx countertop was starting to show its many years of use. There were scratches, etching and staining...


  • 20 Years of Wear Erased

    20 Years of Wear Erased

    This Carrera Marble kitchen countertop had not been maintained for about 20 years. The surface looked dull...


  • White Terrazzo Shines Again

    White Terrazzo Shines Again

    The white terrazzo floor located in this school bathroom was more than forty years old. The maintenance staff had tried...


  • Tile Countertop Color Sealed

    Tile Countertop Color Sealed

    Despite regular wiping and scrubbing, the homeowner had trouble keeping the grout lines clean. A food prep surface must be...


  • Tecate Tile Floor Rescued

    Tecate Tile Floor Rescued

    These Tecate tiles had gone twenty years without professional attention. When homeowners removed an area rug...


  • Saltillo Cleaned and Sealed

    Saltillo Cleaned and Sealed

    The homeowner power washed the tiles, attempting to remove mold and mildew, causing damage to the tiles...


  • Pebble Rock Shower Restored

    Pebble Rock Shower Restored

    This pebble rock shower needed a hand scrubbing, power washing and color sealer applied to the grout lines to bring...


  • Monument Restoration

    Monument Restoration

    The steps, maintained only with an occasional hosing, had been exposed to the weather and ocean salt water for five...


  • Limestone Honed, Polished, and Sealed

    Limestone Honed, Polished, and Sealed

    The homeowners had been cleaning their limestone floor with vinegar and other inappropriate cleansers...


  • Marble Bench Restored

    Marble Bench Restored

    This brown marble shower bench was cleaned with the wrong chemicals, causing significant damage...


  • Terracotta Before & After

    Terracotta Before & After

    The terracotta pavers on this patio in La Mesa had a heavy build-up of hard water and efflorescence...


  • St. James Historical Property

    St. James Historical Property

    The floor in Saint James Episcopal Church, after decades of wear and improper cleaning, needed professional attention...


  • Custom Limestone and Wood Floor

    Custom Limestone and Wood Floor

    Because two different flooring materials were used, this floor needed to be restored by hand...


  • Mexican Pavers Before & After

    Mexican Pavers Before & After

    These are Mexican Pavers in Vista that had not been maintained for over 25 years. They required many hours of...


  • Concrete Before & After

    Concrete Before & After

    This entrance was not giving a positive first impression. It needed to be cleaned, stained, and sealed...


  • Marble Floor Refinished

    Marble Floor Refinished

    This twelve-year-old marble floor has been exposed to daily heavy traffic and improper cleaners...


  • Travertine Table Before & After

    Travertine Table Before & After

    This travertine dining room table was used frequently over the years. There was a lot of surface damage...


  • Rescued Travertine Floor

    Rescued Travertine Floor

    Two other contractors had looked at the damaged floor and told the homeowner there was nothing they could do...


  • Ceramic Tile Shower Restoration

    Ceramic Tile Shower Restoration

    The homeowner did not want to install a new shower, so we recommended restoring it....


  • Restored 25-Year-Old Tile Floor

    Restored 25-Year-Old Tile Floor

    A floor that had been neglected for years was looking old and worn with chips and cracks....


  • 30-Year-Old Tecate Paver Porch

    30-Year-Old Tecate Paver Porch

    We were called in to see if there was anything that could be done to this porch before the customer...


  • Damaged Marble Restored

    Damaged Marble Restored

    This marble floor in San Diego had severe scratches and chemical damage. We resurfaced the floor...


  • Restored Marble Floor

    Restored Marble Floor

    This marble floor had been refinished by another company the year before. The client was not happy...


  • Concrete Paver Entrance

    Concrete Paver Entrance

    The entrance to this home in Escondido was covered with hard water stains. We scrubbed the tiles with a floor...


  • Custom Tecate Pavers

    Custom Tecate Pavers

    This home in Rancho Santa Fe had pavers that had been waxed for years and were starting to show their...


  • Chemically Damaged Travertine

    Chemically Damaged Travertine

    This shower had been damaged by CLR. Many homeowners do not realize that most bathroom cleaners will damage...


  • Granite Countertop Repair

    Granite Countertop Repair

    This granite countertop was discolored from someone using the wrong cleaning chemicals on it...


  • Damage from Cleaning Products

    Damage from Cleaning Products

    Harsh, acidic cleaning products were used on this limestone shower, resulting in a lot of damage...


  • Patio with Mold and Algae

    Patio with Mold and Algae

    Neglect resulted in a lot of growth of mold and algae that destroyed the look of this limestone patio ...


  • Fountain Repair and Restoration

    Fountain Repair and Restoration

    After long-term water exposure, the granite base of this fountain was in need of restoration...


  • Travertine Cleaned and Sealed

    Travertine Cleaned and Sealed

    Travertine in a bathroom environment should be professional maintained periodically...