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Tile Countertop Color Sealed

  • Tile-Countertop-Before
    This image shows the tile and grout countertops before we did any work.
  • Tile-Countertop-After
    What a difference professional cleaning and grout color sealing make!


As you can see in the BEFORE picture, this tile countertop has very wide grout channels. Grout is porous, which means it has tiny holes where spills, dirt, and other contaminants become lodged. Because kitchen counters are food preparation surfaces, it is especially important that they are clean and sanitary. Despite regular wiping and scrubbing, the homeowner had trouble keeping the grout lines clean.


Our solution was to deep clean the tile and grout and repair the grout as needed. We also applied a grout color sealer to form a permanent seal that would keep the grout from staining. The color sealer filled all the tiny holes so that food and spills wipe away without becoming embedded in the grout lines. In addition, color sealer is a constant-acting mildewcide, so these countertops will stay sanitary with a normal cleaning routine.

Notice the nice even color of the grout lines in the AFTER image. The client was happy to hear that color sealing the grout would make future clean-up a much easier job.

To learn more about the advantages of grout color sealing, read this article or watch this short video.

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