30-Year-Old Tecate Paver Porch

  • Tecate Paver Porch Needs Professional Cleaning and Sealing
    Notice the poor condition of the pavers before we did any cleaning or restoration work.
  • Tecate Paver Porch Professionally Restored
    This is the same entry way, after we restored the pavers. What a difference!
  • Tecate Paver Porch Before Cleaning and Sealing
    Here’s another view of the pavers, showing the poor condition of the finish.
  • Tecate Paver Porch After Cleaning and Sealing
    This is image is taken from the same view as the previous image, but see how beautiful the pavers look with professional restoration.


This Tecate paver porch in Carlsbad was in need of some TLC when we first inspected it, as you can see in the first and third images. Old sealer was peeling from the tiles, and it had hard water stains from the sprinklers and cracked tiles. We were called in to see if there was anything that could be done to this porch before the customer resorted to tearing it out and replacing it.


We replaced the broken tiles, removed the hard water stains and stripped the old sealer from the tiles. After five applications of low sheen sealer the porch looked better than it had in years, as you can see in the second and fourth images.

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