Vanity & Tub Deck Restored

  • Dark Brown Marble Before
    Here is a close up of the marble to show what poor condition it was in when we first arrived on the job.
  • Dark Brown Marble After
    This image shows the marble after it has been honed, polished, and sealed. What a difference!


Saint Laurent dark brown marble stains very easily and is one of the most difficult to polish. The San Diego homeowner was unhappy with the dull appearance of his vanity top (notice the BEFORE image) and tub deck but had a hard time finding a company willing to service this type of marble. He was relieved when he learned our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to work with virtually any type of stone, including Saint Laurent marble.

Problem Solved!

It took two technicians about eight hours to transform the marble’s lifeless looking appearance to the impressive, breathtakingly gorgeous results you see in the AFTER image. We wet sanded, that is, honed the marble to remove imperfections, and then polished it to a luxurious, glossy finish. Our final step was to seal the marble with a color enhancing, impregnating sealer. The vanity and tub deck were returned to their former glory, and the homeowner was incredibly pleased with the outcome.

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