Courtyard Hardscape

  • Hardscape Needs Restoration
    Notice the powdery white appearance of the bricks.
  • Brick Restoration San Diego
    Our San Diego brick cleaning and restoration services made a dramatic difference.
  • Bricks Cleaned and Stained
    Here is a side-by-side comparison of the unsightly bricks and the beautifully restored bricks.


This brick-bordered courtyard, located in Rancho Santa Fe, had lost its appeal over the years from a combination of exposure to the elements, hard water, and age. The client wanted to bring color back to the bricks, which had turned white, and avoid the cost of replacing them.


We first cleaned the bricks with an acid wash to remove the hard water damage. Then we power washed them to flush out embedded dirt, grime, and mildew, and allowed them to dry overnight. Our final step was to apply several coats of stone darkener to the bricks to achieve the results you see in the AFTER images.

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