Pebble Rock Shower Restored

  • pebble-floor-shower-before-restoration
  • Pebble-Floor-Shower-After-Restoration


This pebble rock shower, located in a home in the Santa Luz development, had been exposed to extreme hard water conditions over time. The minerals from the hard water had stained the grout as you can see in the BEFORE image.


Our technicians scrubbed the shower by hand, then power washed it. After the shower was dried with high speed fans, the grout was color sealed to give it added protection from hard water, minerals and soap. Notice the fresh appearance of the grout lines in the AFTER image. The color sealer also gave the grout a uniform color and the homeowner was happy to hear that regular cleaning would now be a much easier task.

For more information about the advantages of grout color sealing, watch this short video.

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