Rescued Travertine Floor

  • Damaged Travertine Floor
    You can see for yourself what poor condition this travertine floor was in when we arrived. The finish was very badly damaged.
  • Travertine Polished to Like New
    With the proper professional strippers and restoration processes, the finish of this travertine floor was completely restored.


This damaged travertine floor in Escondido that had recently been installed. The homeowner had gone to a big box home improvement store to look for a product she could use to make it shinier. The product someone suggested to her should not have been put on the travertine. After realizing what she had done, she went back looking for something to remove the topical sealer. The product she purchased was acid based and destroyed the finish of her stone floor and did not remove all of the sealer.

At this point she called us out for our opinion. Two other contractors had looked at the floor and told the homeowner there was nothing they could do.


We spent three days stripping and refinishing her floor.  When we finished, she was thrilled that her floor looked like new again.

Here is what she had to say when we finished, “Excel Stone and Tile Care rescued my floor thanks to the extensive knowledge and expertise of their professionals. The finished floor is stunning and continues to impress guests… I couldn’t be happier with the service and the results!”

To learn more about travertine restoration, watch our Travertine Repair and Restoration video and visit our Travertine Services page.

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