Marble Floor Traffic Patterns Erased

  • Marble Floor Dull Finish Before
    Notice the lack of reflectivity of the marble in this BEFORE image.
  • Marble Floor Polished Finish After
    As you can see in this AFTER image, we restored the floor’s mirror-like reflection.

Hallway Marble Floor In Poor Condition

Homeowners in San Diego called us because their marble hallway did not have the same luster as the rest of their marble floor. The hallways in this home saw a lot more traffic than other areas. Abrasive substances on the soles of shoes rubbed into the stone’s surface. As a result, signs of wear and dullness created traffic patterns in the marble finish.

Marble Floor Restoration

We masked and protected the walls, baseboards, and doors along the hallway. Then, we honed the marble to erase the damage and polished to create a beautiful, glossy finish. Our clients were very pleased with the outcome.

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