Italian Limestone Restored

  • Dirty Italian Marble
    These imported Italian tiles had lost their luster.
  • Italian-Marble-after
    After professional cleaning, these imported Italian tiles had a like-new shine.
  • Dirty Tile and Grout
    Notice how the grout lines look dark. This is from dirty mop water settling into the porous surface of the grout.
  • Italian-Marble-cleaned
    With professional tile and grout cleaning services, the grout lines look clean and fresh again.
  • Italian-Marble-Before
    This Italian marble floor looked dull and dirty with traffic and use.
  • Italian-Marble-restored
    Our tile and grout deep cleaning services made an incredible difference.


Our client in Del Mar, CA had these gorgeous, custom-made Italian Limestone tiles shipped from Italy several years ago. Over the years they had become dull from normal wear.

The biggest challenge in this restoration project was that we could not put just any type of sealer on these tiles. Most commonly-used sealers would damage the finish.


We did some in-depth research and found the appropriate sealer. We machine scrubbed and thoroughly rinsed the tiles, to remove dirt and grime, paying special attention to the grout lines.

In order for the sealer to adhere properly, we had to make sure the tiles were completely dry. We ran high-speed fans until all traces of moisture disappeared.

Our final step was to apply five coats of premium high-gloss sealer. The client really appreciated the effort we made to locate the correct sealer and was very happy with the outcome.

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