40-Year-Old Slate Facelift

  • Slate Before Restoration
    This image shows the poor condition of this slate before we performed any of our slate restoration processes.
  • Slate After Restoration
    You can see for yourself that even badly damaged, decades-old slate can be restored to its former glory.


Located in a home in Point Loma, CA, this 40-year-old slate floor was damaged from hard water. In addition, the wrong sealer had been applied, turning the slate white in some areas.


We stripped the slate both with floor machines and by hand to completely remove the hard water mineral deposits and sealer that had turned white. Then we honed (a wet sanding process) the surface of the slate to remove any remaining stains and damage and polished it to a beautiful satin finish. The final step was to apply a premium impregnator sealer to inhibit staining.

Notice the dramatic difference between the BEFORE and AFTER images. Our client said his floor had not looked this good in over 20 years.

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