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The Case for Colored Grout

Grout is a major focal point of any tiled surface, so it's no wonder colored...

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Repairing Limestone Etching and Scratching

Straight from the pros, here's how to fix etching and scratches in your beautiful limestone...

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Why Does White Marble Turn Yellow?

Has your marble begun to turn yellow? Here are reasons why and what to do...

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Will the Sun Fade My Stone Countertops?

Taking simple precautions will go a long way in minimizing sunlight damage to your countertops....

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Caring for Your Natural Stone

Here's the safe way to clean your granite and other natural stones.

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DIY Grout Cleaning Tips

Here are some DIY solutions that work well to clean your dirty and discolored grout.

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Lifeless Travertine?

If the sight of your travertine floors or shower walls is giving you the blues,...

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Countertop Rx

Have your countertops lost their luster? Here are the three most common reasons your countertops...

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Home improvement time?

Home improvement. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Well, home improvement doesn’t have to be. Here are...

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Thanksgiving Tips for Natural Stone Care

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Are you entertaining guests? Follow these tips and your...

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So You’ve Got a Stain… or Do You?

Before you invest your valuable time and energy in a DIY attempt to remove discoloration...

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Beautiful Terrazzo

The great thing about terrazzo is even if it’s been buried under carpet or other...

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