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Cleaning That Sooty Fireplace

As we begin to move out of the cold season, you may be looking at...

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I’m sorry, I think you mythunderstood me

It’s kind of funny what people who should know better will say about common stone...

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Often-Overlooked Cause of Stone Damage

Many people use stone-safe cleaning products but still mysteriously end up with chemical stone damage...

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Preventative Care Tips

Here are some easy to follow precautionary tips from the PROS for preventing damage to...

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The Sensitive Side of Granite

We usually think of etching as a problem unique to marble, but it isn't all...

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Cleaning Your Travertine Shower

Because travertine is a porous natural stone, it does require regular maintenance to keep it...

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The Case for Colored Grout

Grout is a major focal point of any tiled surface, so it's no wonder colored...

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Repairing Limestone Etching and Scratching

Straight from the pros, here's how to fix etching and scratches in your beautiful limestone...

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Why Does White Marble Turn Yellow?

Has your marble begun to turn yellow? Here are reasons why and what to do...

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Will the Sun Fade My Stone Countertops?

Taking simple precautions will go a long way in minimizing sunlight damage to your countertops....

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Caring for Your Natural Stone

Here's the safe way to clean your granite and other natural stones.

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DIY Grout Cleaning Tips

Here are some DIY solutions that work well to clean your dirty and discolored grout.

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