White Terrazzo Shines Again

  • Terrazzo-Bathroom-Floor-Before
    This image shows the poor condition of the terrazzo when we first arrived on the job.
  • Terrazzo-Bathroom-Floor-After
    Wow! What a difference our professional terrazzo refinishing services made.


The white terrazzo floor located in this school bathroom was more than forty years old. The maintenance staff had tried everything in their power to clean the terrazzo, including hiring other companies. But with time and use, this terrazzo was in very poor shape, as you can see in the BEFORE image.


Our technicians were able to restore the floor to like-new condition as you can see in the AFTER photo. First, we honed the terrazzo with a wet sanding process to remove the upper-most layers of damage, virtually erasing years of staining. By cleaning and polishing the entire terrazzo floor, we really brought out the shine and luster. We finished by applying a sealer to protect from future staining.

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