Travertine With Granite Inlays

  • Dirty Travertine
    Notice the overall dirty look of this travertine floor.
  • Travertine After
    This image shows the same area of the floor, after restoration. The beauty of the travertine is no longer hidden by embedded dirt.
  • Travertine Before
    This close up image of the travertine really shows the dullness of the finish before our services.
  • Travertine Cleaned
    Here is the same section of the floor as the previous image. Notice how much gloss and clarity we were able to achieve.
  • travertine-needs-restoration
    The light coming in the windows reveals the etching and scratching before we did any work.
  • Travertine Restored
    Here is the same section of floor as the previous image. The travertine looks so much more elegant with those etches and scratches removed.


This travertine floor with granite insets, located in Del Mar, had dirty spots, scratches, and an overall dull appearance. Our client wanted a beautiful, clean floor with a highly-polished gloss finish.


First, we honed the floor to remove all the scratches and grooves where dirt and grime had collected. Honing is a wet sanding process that virtually erases damage by removing a thin surface layer from the stone, revealing the brand new stone underneath.

Then, we used a three-step polishing process to give the travertine the mirror-like shine the customers had in mind.

The final step was to apply a premium impregnating sealer to inhibit staining. The client was extremely happy with the results.

To learn more about travertine restoration, watch our Travertine Repair and Restoration video and visit our Travertine Services page.

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