Veterans Memorial Wall Restored

  • Stone Wall Restoration
    This restoration job was painstaking work, but well worth it.
  • Stone Wall Cleaned and Sealed
    Here is an image of the entire wall, cleaned and sealed, and looking fantastic once again.

About the Veterans Memorial Wall

The Veterans Memorial Wall is located at Helen Bougher Park in San Marcos, CA. The memorial wall honors veterans who have served in the United States Armed Services. Many people in the local community have an emotional bond to this memorial, so when the travertine wall needed some TLC, it was very important for the selected contractor to show a high level of respect and take special care during the restoration process.

We at Excel Stone and Tile Care are honored to have been chosen from several contractors for the cleaning, restoration and sealing of the travertine wall. Team members on the project were Tony Warney and Jose Valdez.

Cleaning and Sealing the Wall

First, we cleaned the travertine using stone-safe cleaners and soft bristle brushes that were gentle enough to cause no damage but effective enough to achieve a thorough cleaning.

After the cleaning process, we allowed the travertine to completely dry and then sealed it with a premium impregnating sealer.

To learn more about travertine restoration, visit our Travertine Services page and watch this short video.

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