Travertine Table Before & After

  • Travertine Tabletop Before Honing and Polishing
    This is what the table looked like before we did any work. Notice the etches and scratches on the finish.
  • Travertine Tabletop After Honing and Polishing
    Our professional travertine restoration services made a big difference. We honed and polished to restore a like-new finish.


This travertine dining room table in a home in La Jolla was used frequently over the years. There was a lot of surface damage, as you can see in the first image. The homeowners called Excel Stone and Tile Care in to restore it to its original condition.

Problem Solved!

In the second image you can see the beautiful reflection of the finished table.

To learn more about travertine restoration, watch our Travertine Repair and Restoration video and visit our Travertine Services page.

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