Tecate Tile Floor Rescued

  • Tecate Floor Before Restoration
    This is what tile floor looked like when we first arrived. You can see exactly where the rug had been.
  • Tecate-Floor-Restored
    What a dramatic difference our tile cleaning and restoration services make!


The Tecate tiles in this home had not been professionally cleaned in more than 20 years. One section of the floor covered with an area rug looked significantly different than the rest of the floor. You can see the lighter area where the floor had been covered in the BEFORE photo. Notice how dirty the surrounding tiles had become.

Homeowners often don’t notice just how dirty their floors become, because they see the floor on a daily basis. When they lift rugs or move furniture, that’s when the truth hits home. Regular sweeping and mopping is beneficial, but in the long run, not enough. Periodic professional cleaning and sealing services can help keep floors truly clean.


To return the Tecate tile to its uniform, classic beauty, our technicians had to strip the floor three times to achieve the desired results. After the stripping was complete, we cleaned, dried and sealed the floor. The homeowner was thrilled that we were able to eliminate the light and dark contrast and make the tiles look like new again.

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