No More Dirt Magnet Floor

  • Wax Coated Porcelain Tile
    You can see for yourself the layers of wax with embedded dirt and grime.
  • Wax Coating Partially Removed
    This image was taken while we were in the process of restoring this tile floor. You can clearly tell which portions of the floor still need attention.
  • Porcelain Tile After
    This is the porcelain tile floor after professional cleaning. What an incredible difference!


Homeowners in San Diego gave us a call, because they were at their wits’ end with the condition of their porcelain tile floor. As you can see in the BEFORE image, the floor looked extremely dirty even though it had been repeatedly mopped and scrubbed. The clients had serious doubts about the possibility of successfully getting it clean.

When our technicians arrived, they recognized the problem right away. First, it had been many years since the last time the floor had been professionally deep cleaned. Second, the homeowners had regularly waxed the floor in an effort to improve its appearance, but wax coatings should never have been applied to this type of tile. With layer upon layer of wax, the homeowners had inadvertently created a dirt magnet that trapped grime, spills, and contaminants.


We machine scrubbed and power rinsed the porcelain tile and grout lines, stripping off the layers of wax, as you can see in the DURING image. To be sure the floor was completely clean and sanitized, we repeated this process. Next we used high-speed commercial fans to dry the area and then sealed the grout with a premium impregnator sealer.

Proper care of tile floors makes all the difference. We referred our clients to our Caring For It page where they could download our free Stone and Tile Care Guide and order products safe for all their stone and tile floors and surfaces. Our clients were not only thrilled with the outcome, but relieved to learn that with proper care and regularly scheduled cleanings, their floor would stay looking great all the time.

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