Naturally Polished Marble and Granite

  • Marble Before Restoration
    Here is the marble BEFORE restoration. Notice the fake looking wax shine.
  • Marble After Restoration
    This AFTER image shows the improved clarity and color.

Wax Coating vs Natural Polish

The owner of a high end home in the Fairbanks Ranch area of San Diego, California contacted us after discovering wax coatings are not all they are cracked up to be. They had beautiful marble floors with granite inlays that were starting to look slightly scratched. Another company applied a wax coating to hide the scratches and give it a glossy look. The problem with coatings is that they look great at first, but they quickly get scuffed and scratched. In time, coatings actually attract dirt like a magnet. They must be stripped and reapplied over and over again in order to maintain the shine.

The homeowner was not pleased with the appearance of the floor and wanted the damage removed, not just covered up. We explained that our process for marble and granite restoration is to give it a natural polish rather than applying coatings. The process is a little more involved, but it produces lasting results and eliminates the need for continuous stripping and rewaxing.

Our Restoration Process

First, we masked and protected the walls and surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, we completely stripped the wax from the floor. Our wet sanding (called honing) process removed the scratches and surface damage, revealing a brand new layer of stone. We polished the marble and granite to give the floor a natural, beautiful, glossy finish. For our final step, we applied an impregnator sealer to inhibit staining.

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