Saltillo Cleaned and Sealed

  • Moldy Saltillo
    You can see in this image, taken before we did any tile restoration work, that this Saltillo was in very poor condition.
  • Saltillo Cleaned and Sealed
    After our Saltillo cleaning and sealing services, this patio looked gorgeous once again.


This gorgeous outdoor area with Saltillo tiles, also known as Mexican tile, in Carlsbad, CA was in bad shape, as you can see in the BEFORE image. The tiles had not been properly maintained for years. Mold and mildew had set in, and the floor was further damaged when the homeowner power washed the tiles.


Our technicians performed an inspection and noticed that incorrect sealers had been applied over the years and the sealer was now peeling. We stripped the old sealer and cleaned the Saltillo tiles by hand, and then applied a mold sporicide for fending off future spores. After drying the tiles with high speed fans, we applied four coats of sealer for added protection. The results are stunning, as you can see in the AFTER image.

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