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Marble Floor Refinished

  • Marble Floor Lippage
    This image was taken when we first arrived on the job. You can see for yourself that the marble floor is dull, and somewhat unimpressive, if not unsightly.
  • Marble Floor Lippage Removed
    Our professional marble restoration and refinishing services brought the elegance back to this floor.

Scratched, Worn-Looking Marble

Our client in Coronado, CA had a marble floor that had a lot of lippage (uneven tiles) and was scratched and showing wear from 25 years of use. The client had other companies look at the project, but they all told her that it could not be restored without labor-intensive and costly grinding. The client wanted a clean, new-looking and beautifully polished floor, without the expense of grinding the floor completely flat.

Our Solution

We honed the floor, which is a wet-sanding process, to remove the visible damage, polished it to the desired finish, and then applied a premium impregnating sealer. The client was very pleased with the results, and thrilled to have the look she wanted without the extra cost of grinding.

To learn more about professional marble restoration services visit our Marble Services page.

For a FREE estimate on marble floor lippage removal, or any other marble repair or restoration services in the San Diego area, contact us online or give us a call at (619) 231-7752 or (760) 788-9400. We provide complete services for marble and other types of natural stone, from cleaning and sealing to chip and crack repair and much more.