High Traffic Kitchen Marble Refinished

  • Marble Kitchen Floor After Restoration
    You can see the reflection of the overhead lights in this AFTER image.
  • Marble Kitchen Floor Before Restoration
    Notice the dullness and overall poor appearance of the marble floor in this BEFORE image.

Kitchen Marble Floor Damaged Finish

Homeowners in Carlsbad contacted us because their marble floor had become stained, etched, scratched and worn. Residential kitchens tend to get a lot of traffic and use. Acidic substances commonly found in food and drinks can also take a toll on marble, leaving etch damage after spills.

Marble Honing and Polishing

We masked and protected the surfaces surrounding our work area and then set to work, honing and polishing the marble to restore the gloss finish. The homeowners were very pleased with the beautiful, reflective appearance of the floor.

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