Exterior Slate Rejuventated

  • Slate Cleaned and Enhanced
    With our expert slate restoration services, this slate will look fantastic for years to come.
  • Slate Before Restoration
    Even badly damaged slate can be restored. Compared to having the slate replaced, the cost savings for the owner were considerable.

Dull, Damaged Slate

This multicolored slate patio in Coronado, CA was damaged, worn, and flaking from years of exposure to moisture and the elements. The homeowner was considering replacement but gave us a call first to learn whether we could slow the deterioration. He also wanted to know if the color could be restored. You can see for yourself in the BEFORE image the dull, dirty appearance of the slate when we first arrived.

Our Expert Slate Solutions

First, we scrubbed the slate with special brushes mounted on floor machines to safely remove dirt, grime, flaking bits of stone, and mineral buildup from the surface. Then, we power washed the slate, adjusting the temperature and pressure to achieve a deep cleaning of the grooves and crevices without doing any damage to the stone.

Large, high-speed fans helped speed up the drying process. Once the slate was completely dry, we applied four coats of sealer to slow any future deterioration and to give the stone the beautiful, glossy finish you see in the AFTER image. The sealer also enhanced the natural colors in the stone, as the homeowner requested.

The homeowner is now on a yearly maintenance schedule and should get many more years of use from this gorgeous slate patio. To learn more, visit our Slate Services page.

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