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Etched, Dull Marble Vanity Refinished

  • Marble Vanity Refinishing Rancho Santa Fe
    Notice how dull the finish is in this BEFORE image. Zero reflectivity!
  • Marble Vanity Refinishing Rancho Santa Fe
    Here is the same area AFTER refinishing. What a difference!
  • Marble Vanity Refinishing Rancho Santa Fe
    This BEFORE image shows how the light from the window is obscured on the vanity top.
  • Marble Vanity Refinishing Rancho Santa Fe
    Here is the same area AFTER our honing and polishing restored the mirror-like shine.

Dull, Etched Marble Vanity

This twenty year old marble vanity, located in Rancho Santa Fe, had not been professionally maintained. Signs of use and wear were apparent. The finsh looked dull, and there was etch damage from cosmetic overspray and improper cleaners. The original finish had all but disappeared.

Our Marble Refinishing Process

Marble honing is a wet sanding process our professional stone restoration technicians routinely use to remove surface damage, and it was the first step in our refinishing process for this marble vanity. Once a very thin layer of stone was removed, it revealed a brand new layer of stone underneath. We then used progressively finer grits to achieve a beautiful polished finish. We also applied a premium impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

To learn more about marble restoration, visit our Marble Services page.

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