Brand New Look for 20-Year-Old Marble

  • Marble Bathroom Floor Restored
    This BEFORE image shows how we mask and protect the surfaces surrounding our work area.
  • Marble Bathroom Floor Restored
    Notice the clarity and reflection of the marble in this AFTER image.
  • Marble Bathroom Floor Restored
    This BEFORE (left) and AFTER (right) image demonstrates the dramatic difference our services make!

Improper Cleaning Chemicals Damaged Marble Finish

This twenty-year-old marble bathroom floor had chemical damage due to the use of improper cleaners. The Rancho Santa Fe homeowners contacted us to find out whether we could repair the damage and “resurface” the floor. We assured them that we could not only erase the damage but make their floor look brand new again with our time-tested and proven stone restoration methods.

Here’s How We Restored This Marble Floor

We honed the marble to remove a very thin layer of the surface, virtually erasing the chemical damage, as well as scratches and other signs of wear. To restore the shine, we polished the stone. The entire honing and polishing process required four steps. We also cleaned the grout lines and sealed with a high quality impregnator sealer.

The homeowners were very happy with the like-new, gloss finish.

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