20 Years of Wear Erased

  • Scratched, Etched Marble Countertop
    See for yourself the poor condition of this marble finish when we first arrived on the job.
  • Marble Countertop Polishing San Diego
    Professional marble countertop refinishing services can make such a dramatic difference.
  • Marble Restoration San Diego
    A side-by-side before and after comparison of this marble countertop restoration job demonstrates the level of quality you can expect from us.


This Carrera Marble kitchen countertop, located in downtown San Diego, had not been maintained for about 20 years. The surface looked dull, and there were scratches and stains. No sign of its original gloss finish remained, as you can see in the BEFORE images.


We used a wet sanding process (marble honing) to remove the surface damage and then polished the marble to a gloss finish. Our final touch was to apply a premium impregnating sealer. Notice the clarity and reflection in the AFTER images.

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