Stone or Brick Pavers Cleaned and Restored

Stone or brick pavers add interest to patios, garden paths, pool decks, or driveways, enhancing the look of the landscape and providing a sturdy surface that can last for years with proper maintenance. Natural contaminants such as weeds and moss can grow in the joints, and stains caused by ground in dirt and grime, oils, rust, and hard water can diminish the look of your beautiful outdoor surfaces.

At Excel Stone and Tile Care, we use only the best cleaners, such as degreasers and rust removers, and state-of-the-art equipment that can adjust is pressure and temperature to achieve the best possible cleaning results for driveways, terraces, sidewalks, building entrances, common areas, and more… We restore and seal or weatherproof almost every exterior flooring material, from stone or brick pavers to precast or stamped concrete. Protect your investment and enhance the look and durability of your pavers…

Click here to view before and after images of one of our outdoor jobs and read about our processes.

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