Grout Sealing and Color Sealing

What’s between your tiles?

Grout is porous, which means it is full of tiny holes that become filled with bacteria, dirty mop water, and the like. When grout does what it’s supposed to do, that is, keeping out moisture and giving floors a finished look, hardly anyone notices it. But when grout absorbs stains, it draws undesirable attention.

Our tile and grout cleaning services leave your floors sanitized and looking as good or better than new, but if you want to maintain that look, we recommend our premium grout sealing or color sealing services.

Grout Sealing

Do spills on your tile and grout floor immediately become absorbed into the grout? If so, your grout needs to be sealed.

Grout sealing fills in the tiny holes of your porous grout, minimizing discoloration from dirt, acids and grime, and keeping your floors looking clean and new longer. Although grout sealing does not make your grout stain proof, it does give you time to wipe up spills before they can penetrate the grout surface. Consequently, your regular cleaning routine becomes more productive.

Grout Color Sealing

If you want to give your floors a dramatically new look, ask about our color sealing service.

We can lighten, darken, or change your grout to an entirely different color, giving your floor a fresh, new, uniform look. Like regular grout sealing, having your grout color sealed forms a protective barrier against dirt and stains, making your regular cleaning routine easier and more effective. In addition, our grout color sealer is a constant-acting mildicide, providing a more sanitary surface.

Click here to see before and after images and read about one of our color sealing jobs.

At Excel Stone and Tile Care, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

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