Slate Entry Rejuvenated

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A commercial building that houses condos and retail office spaces in Coronado, CA had a gorgeous slate entryway. Unfortunately, this luxurious architectural statement, designed to impress guests, patrons, and tenants, was giving the wrong impression.

The slate in this high-traffic entrance was faded, flaking, and powdering. Our client felt overwhelmed at the prospect of replacing the stone and called us to see if there was anything we could do to help.


After doing some research, we decided on a sealer that would slow down the deterioration and bring out the vibrance of the slate’s coloring once more.

First, we scrubbed and power-washed the tiles to safely remove dirt and contaminants. Then, we set up high-speed fans and allowed the floor and walkwayto completely dry. Finally, we applied four coats of the specialty sealer.

With regularly scheduled maintenance services, our clients should get a lot of mileage from their slate, and guests, patrons, and tenants can continue to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of this entrance for years to come.

To learn more about slate restoration, visit our Slate Services page.

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