Onyx Countertops Polished

  • onyx-countertop-before
  • scratched-etched-onyx
  • polished-onyx-bar-top


This onyx countertop and bar top in Encinitas was starting to show its many years of use. As you can see in the BEFORE images, there were scratches, staining, and etches, that is, those rough-textured marks caused by acidic substances like tomato sauce, citrus, wine, etc. spilling on the surface.


We first honed the countertop, which is a wet sanding process to remove the surface damage, and then polished the stone to give it a beautiful gloss finish. To complete the countertop restoration process, we applied a premium impregnating sealer to the stone. The sealer filled the pores of the stone to inhibit absorption of spills and cooking splatters that can cause stains. The homeowner was extremely happy, because she had thought her counter would never look this good again.

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