Hardwood Floors

Caring for hardwood floors is not difficult. Taking a few easy precautions and keeping up with regular cleaning will ensure the lasting beauty of your floors.

Keep It Clean

Vacuum, sweep or dust mop your hardwood floors regularly. If you use a vacuum, turn off the beater bar. Ideally, use a soft brush attachment. Limit the amount of dirt and grit that gets tracked in by placing heavy-duty doormats at all entrances.

Protect It

Avoid deep scratches. High heels and dog nails can damage wood flooring. Take care when moving heavy objects (don’t drag them across the floor). Place felt pads under furniture.

Keep It Dry

Use a humidifier/dehumidifier to maintain a consistent humidity level. Wood flooring will naturally expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. Wipe up spills as soon as they occur. Placing slip-resistant area rugs in high-traffic zones is a great idea, but make sure that the backing will allow moisture to evaporate.

Cleaning Products to Avoid

Do not use wax or silicone-based polishes or cleaners. Some wood flooring cleaners sold at your local store may actually make the floor more difficult to clean and may create problems when the floor requires refinishing. Ammonia, heavy detergents, bleach, acidic cleaners like vinegar, abrasive cleaners like scouring powder, and other non-recommended cleaners can damage your floors. Use Squeaky cleaner from Basic.

Maintain It

Daily Cleaning

Dust mop with Basic’s Coatings microfiber mop and Squeaky cleaner.

Minor Stains

Dampen a moist cloth with mineral spirits, rub the stain until it is removed, and then clean the area.

Intensive Cleaning

Contact your wood flooring contractor to remove tough dirt and surface contaminants with the Dirt Dragon™ cleaning machine.


When you notice wear, schedule a recoat. Recoating can be done with a traditional screen and coat process or with the TyKote® Dustfree Refinishing System. The TyKote System is a combination of intensive cleaning and a new coat of finish. Recoat before the floor has worn down to bare wood.


If the floor has been worn to bare wood, it may need to be sanded. With regular cleaning and recoating, the average homeowner will never have to go through this process.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us. Let’s discuss your hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance plan.